The GosHawk

The motorglider that unlocks a pilot’s freedom.

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Meet The GosHawk

The GosHawk is a high performance 2-Seat motor glider designed to change the future of efficient flight. The GosHawk is being offered as a kit that can be completed as an amateur built airworthiness certificate. Alternatively it can be completed as a motorglider for airworthiness certificate.

Exceptional design creates exceedingly low drag

The GosHawk’s exceptional design, which includes exceedingly low drag from the wings and airframe, allows for very low power consumption.

The aircraft uses advanced composites and construction methods for a reliable structure. Load and speeds limits are remarkably high for such a slim layout

The GosHawk achieves low power flight with low drag. Long wings with careful aerodynamics over the entire aircraft achieve this.

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The structure of the GosHawk

The GosHawk is constructed with Toray T700 carbon fiber prepreg and Diab Divinycell HP foam core, the best products available. These allow for the exceptional strength requirements of the design. They also contribute to the quality and reliability of the structure. These materials are not only strong but have exceptional thermal stability and fatigue resistance so the structure will be both strong and accurate for the future. The material thickness in the outer skins of all components is thick and robust.

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The spars are one piece co-cured structural components with no secondary bonds for the cap to shear web attachment. No gelcoat is used. Refinishing is easy with automotive paint products covering smoothly molded composites beneath.

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The kit

This is a composite aircraft kit. It includes the molded oven cured composite parts that can not be reproduced without the molds. Composite flat panels are provided for fabrication of certain internals. Drawings are provided for these shapes as well as for the metallic parts. Fabrication of these parts requires basic skills such as cutting, drilling, riveting, bending, and welding.

Propeller shown is optional at extra cost.

All information and data subject to change.

Factory assistance (optional) is available for closing the wings, horizontal, and fuselage in the factory jigs. Drawings are provided for those that wish to construct their own jigs and fixtures for the assembly of these components.

Propulsion system options for electric and HKS 700 power are also available. These include items such as the motor mount. Several propeller options are also available for these motors.